Daniel and Simone Rock the ‘Box’ ♥

Introducing Mr and Mrs Logan!!!  Sim radiated the biggest smile all day long at her dream wedding to her dream man. These two were out to have a good time and a fantastic group of friends made for an all out rocking party!  What an inspiring celebration of true love and friendship at The Oyster Box.  Yay, such a fun wedding!! Enjoy ♥


  1. Heather says:

    Oh my hat, this is the most beautiful portfolio of memories. Truly fabulous … BRILLIANT !

  2. Truly beautiful photos that tell the story of an absolutely wonderful and special day !! WOW !!

  3. AMAZING!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! :-) xxx

  4. Natalie May says:

    Stunning Stunning Stunning:-)

  5. Aunty Bon says:

    Absolutely amazing pics, you both look stunning and full of joy and love !!!

  6. frances perks says:

    Different, fun & funky: and somehow so elegant and beautiful. Enjoy. May the rest of your lives together be as happy and as beautiful.

  7. Dean Grobler says:

    WOWzy this is AMAzing…what beauty captured in such splendid frames of time…
    I love everything right now, just how I feel after looking at these amazing pics,

  8. Sheesh these are really amazing photos guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love them…and they reflect who you both are perfectly! Love it!!

  9. what a beautiful day Sim, you guys look amazing! Absolutely stunning pics!!

  10. Love the backlit shots on the rocks. Springbokkie on the rocks lol. And the photobooth is sich a kief idea. Such a fun selection to look at yahoo!

  11. wow! well done Lex! :) and what a fabulous couple you had to photograph!!

  12. Wow Sim… your photos are beautiful!! You look absolutely amazing! Your wedding looked divine and definitely the most unique we have had at The Oyster Box. (such fun pics) Best wishes for your future with Daniel!! x x x

  13. Gina & Lee-Ann says:

    Magical photo’s of a memorable day. Hope to see you both soon.

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