Chris and Lisa

Chris and Lisa married at one of our favourite venues, Hartford House, in the Midlands.  It could be described as a ‘whimsical-pink-fairy tale-carnival- garden party’ with a bride in a pink dress!!!  A truly beautiful wedding and visual feast!  What a privilege to be a part of this pretty day.


Why did you choose Hartford House as the venue for your wedding?

“We wanted it to be a magical day, which is the reason we chose Hartford House as I have loved it for years and always felt it had a little magic to it, it made us feel like we were in a different world.”

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How did you meet each other?

“We met over 6 years ago through mutual friends at Joe Kool’s, my first words upon seeing Chris for the first time was “00hhh who’s the new guy” and like they say the rest is history, or for us an exciting future and journey together.”


Tell us about your proposal.

“Chris Proposed on the 4th May 2013, when I awoke that Saturday morning, I was told that I must be dressed nicely and ready to go that evening for a romantic night out. Well after 5 years of dating I have to admit I had my suspicions that he may be popping the question that night. He took me for a lovely romantic dinner at Zimbali and then we went home after, the whole way in the car I was thinking when is it going to happen? IS it going to happen? I had visions of us getting home to find candles, rose petals and Chris getting down on one knee but the door opened and the house was the same as we left it. I must say I was not very happy, in fact I stormed upstairs and put my pj’s on and climbed into bed. Chris turned off the lights and got into bed next to me and told me to look up and there on our bedroom roof were the words “will you Marry me” in glow in the dark paint!  I immediately staring crying, then the first words out of my mouth was not yes but “but I am in my pajamas, I have no makeup on and the room is messy” ha ha not the response he expected I am sure but hey I am a girl after all.  He then sat me down, he got on one knee, gave me an amazing speech, pulled out my dream ring and then I of course said YES!”

2014-05-06_0015 2014-05-06_0016

Tell us about your dress.

“I decided on a pink dress because if you know me, you know I love pink!  Also being in fashion I always like to stand out and be a little different, I also just wanted the dress to really depict me and who I am as a person.”

Well we just love it!!!!!

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Tell us about the vision for your wedding day.

“I am one of those people who have thought and dreamed about their wedding day since I was a little girl.  So when I was finally engaged it was full steam ahead and time to make all our wedding dreams come true.  Chris was an amazing planning partner as he let me just go for it and never held me back from any ideas, even all that pink! We started with the ceremony area in the gorgeous Hartford gardens under a large tree.  We just wanted the whole ceremony to be whimsical, fresh and romantic with sequins chair bands, an aisle of cherry blossom tress as well as 3 chandeliers hanging from the main tree and of course we wanted to introduce a lot of pink to compliment my dress.”

2014-05-06_0037 2014-05-06_0038 2014-05-06_0039 2014-05-06_0040 2014-05-06_0041 2014-05-06_0042 2014-05-06_0043 2014-05-06_0044 2014-05-06_0045

In Chris’s words:

“You know very well about my appreciation and love for music.  I often found myself sitting at home when I was alone, playing the song that you walked down the aisle to on my phone, and my heart melted every time as I imagined you walking towards me.  I’ll even say that on more than one occasion I found myself phone in hand with tears of sheer love and happiness streaming down my face because of how it made me feel.  But I can honestly say that nothing I imagined over the past 10 months even came close to the way you made me feel today when I first got that glimpse of my soon-to-be wife.  In that split second my life suddenly seemed complete, and I only have you to thank for that.”

2014-05-06_0046 2014-05-06_0047 2014-05-06_0048 2014-05-06_0049 2014-05-06_0050 2014-05-06_0051 2014-05-06_0052 2014-05-06_0053 2014-05-06_0054 2014-05-06_0055 2014-05-06_0056  In Chris’s words: “To be in love is to feel complete in every way imaginable. To be unable to imagine your life with anybody else. To feel accepted for all of your positive attributes as well as your negative flaws. To feel as if you have unconditional love or your partner, and to be able to feel that unconditional love in return.”

2014-05-06_0057 2014-05-06_0058 2014-05-06_0059

“For the pre-drinks area, we wanted it to be fun and entertaining for the guests, so we opted for a pink and white vintage carnival theme, along with an ice cream truck, popcorn and candy floss, vintage games and even a carousel horse. We loved the fact that guests were brought back to their childhood, it helped add to the whimsical feel we were trying to create.”

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“Chris and I were born and raised in Durban, we have been a couple for over 6 years now. I am a fashion designer and I own a trendy ladies clothing boutique at Gateway shopping Centre, Lady and the Punk. Chris is a field marketing manager for Redbull.  We both love anything to do with fashion, décor, trends etc.  We were so excited to start planning the wedding and to get all creative.  We were also so lucky that my Mother and her business partner own their own function coordinating business, so we knew when it came to planning we would have loads of help and such a selection of amazing items to choose from, plus it was such a wonderful bonding experience for myself and my mother as we both share the same passion for decor and anything glam and gorgeous!”

“For the reception, we wanted it to be more glamorous and formal, it was more of a vintage glam Gatsby look, in very romantic pretty colors, with loads of crystal, pastel lace and sequin table cloths, loads of bling with large diamante brooches on the candles, Venetian mirrors and large flower arrangement in beautiful vintage and soft colors.”

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Chris was called up to bust out his epic air guitar moves of glory and he certainly didn’t disappoint!


“Lis, over the past 6.5 years you have been in my life, you have quickly become the most important person to me.  You’ve shown me how to be an adult, how to be a gentleman, how to love unconditionally, and what it’s like to be loved unconditionally.  You have always been there during my highs, and never left my side during my lows.  You have always put your love for me first and made us a priority throughout our relationship.  Your big, kind heart, passion, honesty, dedication and sheer determination has been an inspiration to witness.  I am truly blessed to have you in my life.  It has been an absolute privilege to have called you my girlfriend and fiance, and it fills my heart with unconditional love and honor to now call you my wife.  I cannot wait to start this next incredible journey with you as one, and just remember, it’s YOU & ME AGAINST THE WORLD.”

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Lisa’s Hair: Drew from Evolve

Lisa’s Make up: Lisa Bailey (0828978770)

Lisa’s Dress: Casey Jeanne (

Venue: Hartford house (

Dj: Greig Lupke from Top Jocks (

Video: Karen from videoccassions (

Flowers: Di from Boston Ivy (

Décor: Bride and Finishing Touches ( Sandy-, Mandi-


  1. How extraordinarily beautiful this wedding looks & AMAZING photos as usual Lex!!

  2. you blow me away. every image is awesome!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding captured beautifully well done Lex.

  4. As Martine’s uncle and a wedding video producer, I’m most impressed by your photography and I’m sure your clients are very happy. But particularly I like the narrative “wedding story” between the pics which brings everything to life particularly for someone who wasn’t there. Congratulations Alexis and to the happy couple again!

  5. Amazing wedding, amazing photography! amazeballs Lex!!!!!

  6. Alexis, what can I say Thank You does not seem enough… These photos are soooo beautiful…you captured every little detail just like we wanted…these photos brought back the love and laughter of the day….what wonderful memories they hold . We were so blessed to have you photograph such a wonderful milestone in all our lives…you are truly amazing ..
    As a function co ordinator myself I see so many wedding photos but none are more beautiful than ones own daughters wedding photos..
    We were so blessed to have perfect weather …perfect venue …perfect dress ..and now perfect photographs..
    Thank you… You are truly talented… My new favorite photographer…
    Lots of love and thanks
    Sandy Lunn

    • Alexis says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Sandy, it was such a treat to be a part of such a special day, you all made us feel so at home, we absolutely loved it!

  7. Stunning photos Alexis! You are truly gifted x x

  8. Karen Gavin says:

    Well, where do I begin…………………………… I have known Lisa Lunn since she was a tiny little one and to be with her on her wedding day was such a privilige. Chris and Lisa’s wedding was absolutely out of this world, I know in my lifetime I will never attend one as beautiful. Alexis, your photography is outstanding, what beautiful memories Lisa and Chris will have when looking at these magnificent photgraphs. How blessed they were to find you. Wishing you all the very best. xx Karen

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