Casey Jeanne Couture

Casey Jeanne is one of the top fashion designers in the country and has walked away with many awards during her career so far.  She constantly pushes the boundaries of conventional bridalwear to create exquisitely unique couture pieces.   I absolutely adore her designs and it was a dream working on this shoot together. Our gorgeous model Ashleigh Dunbar was a true professional and absolute pleasure to work with.  Lynnal McDonald from Make-up Your Mind worked her magic on Ashleigh’s hair and make-up and Diane from Boston Ivy made the most beautiful bouquet and flower crown.  We photographed at the gorgeous Hillhouse in the Midlands.  A big thank you to everyone involved ♥

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  1. Lex… these are some of the most incredible images I have EVER seen! if this doesn’t get published… then i don’t even know what. you have truly outdone yourself. each and every image is absolutely exquisite. what an incredible team! well done to all of those involved. i want to see this in PRINT!!

  2. Breathtaking. Pics. Designs. Model. Makeup well done!!!!!

  3. What an amazing shoot everything about it model designs makeup flowers pics are absolutely outstanding.
    Well done!!

  4. inspirational stuff Alexis, wow!!

  5. Oh my word this shoot is fabulous the design the model makeup flowers and the awesome photographer.
    Well done!!

  6. Oh Casey, your work is absolutely gorgeous! Such pretty dresses! Alexis excellent photos! All i can say is WOW!

  7. Wow wow wow!!!! Gorgeous designs, location perfect, make-up/ hair beautiful, Model stunning, flowers exquisite and Lex these pictures are seriously HOT….you are just such an amazing talent!!!

  8. Christl Watt says:

    Oh my goodness, how incredibly beautiful are these shots? The dresses are stunningly beautiful and you captured it all exquisitely! Such talent – such a great eye and such an awesome person to work with!! … LOVED the “pants-dress” too …?? Sure it wouldn’t be called that but you expect it to be a dress and when you look again it isn’t. Love it! AWESOME!

  9. Lex!!! Amaze, Amaze, Amaze! You are so talented! Those dresses are just too beautiful for words! Great job team! xxx


    Beautiful photos Lex, and that white beaded dress is just exquisite.

    Congrats to everyone involved!

  11. Cindy Jones says:

    I have just looked through all of these. Again. Along with the whole of my now inspired design team, well done to you all. This is what being creative looks like Xx

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