Bruce and Julie

2014-04-28_0015 Julie and Bruce married at the beautiful Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Drakensberg not too long ago.  It was a stunning day celebrated by their closest family and friends.  The weather was lovely and the mountains made for a spectacular backdrop throughout the day.

2014-04-28_0016 2014-04-28_0017 2014-04-28_0019 2014-04-28_0020

Why did you choose the Berg as the place where you would get married?  “The Berg has always been a special place for us and it allowed us to spend the whole weekend with family and friends rather than only seeing them for a few hours at the reception.”

2014-04-28_0021 2014-04-28_0022

What do you love to do together? “We mountain bike quite a lot – it’s a lovely way to stay fit, get some fresh air and see the country.  Sani2C has been our favourite so far… We loved Berg and Bush…there’ll be lots more I’m sure.”

2014-04-28_0023 2014-04-28_0024 2014-04-28_0025

Julie what do you love about Bruce?  “You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat animals and I have to admit that I am so proud to be married to a man for cares for his patients as much as Bruce does. Bruce is also incredibly supportive and is constantly challenging me to do things I wouldn’t  have dreamed of doing before – I’m a very lucky girl to have him in my life. “

2014-04-28_0026 2014-04-28_0027 2014-04-28_0028 2014-04-28_0029 2014-04-28_0030 2014-04-28_0031 2014-04-28_0032 2014-04-28_0033 2014-04-28_0034 Cathedral Peak chapel has to be one of the cutest chapels out there!

2014-04-28_0035 2014-04-28_0036 2014-04-28_0037 2014-04-28_0038 2014-04-28_0039

What was one of the most memorable moments of your wedding day? “Definitely seeing Bruce at the end of the aisle when I walked into the church, it was like no-one else was in the room.”

2014-04-28_0040 2014-04-28_0044 2014-04-28_0041 2014-04-28_0042 2014-04-28_0043 2014-04-28_0045 2014-04-28_0046 2014-04-28_0047 2014-04-28_0048 2014-04-28_0049

What has been one of your favourite dates as a couple together? “Wow that’s a tough one but I’d have to choose the picnic that Bruce organised at the base of Mushroom Rock in Clarens when he proposed. Picture a confluence of rivers amidst a grove of beautiful trees and my husband on one knee – just perfect!”

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What are you most excited about in your future together as a married couple?  “The fact that I get to wake up to the man of my dreams every day for the rest of my life. We have so much fun together and Bruce always has an adventure up his sleeve. Starting a family is also something that we are very excited about. Our dogs have to be the most spoilt little animals on the planet – I can’t wait to see Bruce with children!”

2014-04-28_0055 2014-04-28_0056 2014-04-28_0057 2014-04-28_0058 2014-04-28_0059 2014-04-28_0060 2014-04-28_0061 2014-04-28_0062 2014-04-28_0063 2014-04-28_0064 2014-04-28_0065 2014-04-28_0066 2014-04-28_0067

 Supplier list:

1.      Flowers and Décor – Sue Cummins –

2.      Draping – Drakensberg Décor –

3.      Hair and Make-up – Flawless Bridal –

4.      DJ – Skye Music –

5.      Printing – Crystal Print –


One from behind the scenes taken my hubby who was second shooting for me on the day :)



  1. Christl Watt says:

    SO love the behind the scenes shot!!! What a stunning wedding setting :) Beautiful again, Lex! :)

  2. Ah lovely Lex Cathedral Peak has to be the best place in the berg.
    Love the behind scenes shot.

  3. Beautiful pics!!

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