Bjorn and Shannon

Bjorn and Shannon celebrated their wedding on Shannon’s parent’s farm with the ceremony held at a beautiful chapel nearby.  The farm was picture perfect and I wish we could have photographed there all day.  Shannon’s Dad built the jetty (below) especially for the wedding.  It was lovely sharing this special day with you both ♥

Sugarcane country!!! The drive out to the farm is beautiful ♥ RSA

After photographing a few details at the farm we headed over to Zinkwazi to meet up with the guys.

I want this jeep ♥♥

Bjorn was a pro tennis champ back in the day.  Respect.

Back to the girls on the farm.

Kids are so cool!

Sam has to be the cutest little horse alive right now!


  1. Glen and John Jenkins and family says:

    Stunning photo’s of a beautiful and happy wedding. Our thoughts were constantly with you on your special day.

    Much love from all of us in Australia

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