Anton and Melanie

Ok so these guys are super special friends and generally just wonderful humans! We feel so blessed to have shared so much of their day with them and what an epic day it was! Friends we are so happy you found each other and get to share this beautiful life together. We think you are the bees knees and love your faces!!!


Anton tell us what was the first thing you noticed about Mel?
“Everything, she was beautiful from head to toe.”

Mel tell us about your first date with Anton?

 “Woweeeeee… our first date!! I honestly didn’t know what to expect… I had been “interviewed” on e-mail with questions and more questions… “when did you matriculate” (he really only wanted to know my age!!)”Are you on Facebook?” We knew each other pretty well “on paper” but had never met…Head racing & heart pounding, I walked into the Keg & Spear (clever move! Rugby to distract the man if need be :) ) Do we shake hands or WHAT?????? My amazing Anton walked straight up to me and hugged me (no more awkward girly over analysing) instant heart melt! I felt so relaxed & at ease. We chatted about pretty much EVERYTHING!!! It was as if we’d known each other forever & now I look forward to forever with the love of my life!”
Anton what do you love about Mel? What is one of your favourite things about her?
“She is the most caring person and always so generous and giving. Favourite thing about Mu is her amazing culinary skills and passion for preparing meals.”
(Love these father daughter moments to infinity and beyond!!!!)
Mel tell us why you love Anton, what is one of your favourite things about him?
“Aaaaaah… What’s not to love?? I love EVERYTHING about my HUSBAND! I love the way he kisses me on my forehead, I love the way he holds me close and kisses my tears away after a bad day, I love the way he makes me feel like his princess, I love that he is so incredibly kind & caring & that he is honestly the most HUGELY generous person I know!”
Why did you choose Tala as your venue? 
“We LOVE the bush and from the very beginning both wanted a Bush wedding! After seeing about 14 different venues, Tala was finally IT!! We both got that WOW as we walked in and saw the view from the deck. LOVED the cozy feel and awesome chandeliers!”
What are you most looking forward to as a married couple together?
“Doing Life together, spending time preparing amazing meals in the kitchen together, planning holidays, setting up house, planning our future together, waking up next to each other every morning forever to come.”
The cake – best ever!!!! I could have eaten it all day long (is that even possible!?)
Did anything funny happen behind the scenes?
“My groomsmen played a prank on me and got a spare jacket from the suit hire place without me knowing and swapped my proper jacket for another jacket with a diff pattern and a more golden mustard type colour – nearly had heart failure when i opened my suit on the day and all had a big laugh.”
Anton tell us your proposal story in your own words. 
“I used the element of surprise and chose to disguise my proposal in the weekend of her birthday (otherwise she might have had an idea if I took her away on any other weekend in the rest of that year). I booked a one night stay at a game lodge in Tala Valley and planned to have a dinner on our deck at our room. This plan didn’t work as originally planned so I arranged the dinner up at the lodge privately. In the interim I managed to get the staff at the lodge to prepare the room for after dinner. After dinner Mel opened the door and leading to the bed were rose petals and on the bed was a gift (which I gave the staff to put there). Mel thought it was a gift from the lodge and was very impressed. Now it was time to shine and make this happen! While Melanie was opening the gift I was nervously grabbing the ring out of my bag and putting it into the ring box. I had managed to get around to Mel’s side of the bed as she opened the box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and was trying to decipher a message on the chocolates. By the time she read “Marry me ….” (she didn’t get to the last word which was BABY and was already screaming “Yes!”) I was on my knee with the ring box open and she nearly tackled me. I had to slow her down as she wanted to grab the ring out of the box and I first had to verbally ask her to marry me and then put the ring on her finger (not her put the ring on her own finger). I still remember her shouting “I’m engaged I’m engaged, I can’t believe it , I can’t believe it, I got bling”.  So after this we had a bottle of champagne I had organised, in the fridge, and proceeded to finish that while sharing our exciting news with the world.”
I photographed this wedding together with the uber talented Elana Schilz –  a delightful soul who I have really enjoyed getting to know over the last little while. This awesome girl is also Anton’s sister :)
Funniest moment on the day?
“Walking into the reception, I was doing a Victory walk, cheering & throwing my hands in the air and Anton was totally NOT when he saw what his WIFE was doing he joined  and landed up giving a fake air pump to try keep up with my waving arms. Just had a really good laugh remembering that again… :)”

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