Anton and Kelly Bresler

Anton and Kelly recently tied the knot at the beautiful Eagles Cry situated in Tongaat Kwa Zulu Natal.  The light was dreamy and Anton and Kelly were super chilled and lovely to work with.

2014-05-16_0061 What made you choose Eagles Cry for your venue?

“We fell in love with the openness of the venue and of course the view!!  The people just made the place feel so homely!!!”

2014-05-16_0001 2014-05-16_0002 2014-05-16_0053 What do you love about Anton, Kelly?

“What I love about Anton is that he is easy going, so full of fun and never wants to upset anything or anyone!!! He has got so much love to give!!! I love how much he respects me, we always want to work on our relationship and he is always willing to do so.”

(Although Anton had a shoulder operation just before the wedding, he never complained once)

2014-05-16_0004 2014-05-16_0005 2014-05-16_0006
2014-05-16_0008 2014-05-16_0009 2014-05-16_0010 2014-05-16_0011 2014-05-16_0012 2014-05-16_0013 2014-05-16_0014 2014-05-16_0015 2014-05-16_0018 2014-05-16_0019 2014-05-16_0016 2014-05-16_0017 2014-05-16_0020 2014-05-16_0021 Anton, what do you love about Kelly?

“What I love about Kelly is that she has so much to offer as a person, she is very loving and beautiful and I love that she loves the small things in life.”

2014-05-16_0022 2014-05-16_0023 2014-05-16_0024 2014-05-16_0025 2014-05-16_0026 2014-05-16_0027 2014-05-16_0028 2014-05-16_0029 2014-05-16_0030 2014-05-16_0033 2014-05-16_0031 2014-05-16_0034 2014-05-16_0032

2014-05-16_0038 2014-05-16_0035

2014-05-16_0036 What was one of your favourite moments from the day?

“To be honest there wasn’t a ‘best thing’  – we loved everything about our day!!!! We loved the fact that we had all our friends and family in one place together. We really enjoyed the ceremony – it was good to laugh and not feel too nervous! Hehe.”

2014-05-16_0037 2014-05-16_0039 2014-05-16_0041 2014-05-16_0043 2014-05-16_0044

2014-05-16_0045 2014-05-16_0046 2014-05-16_0052 2014-05-16_0047 2014-05-16_0048 2014-05-16_0049 2014-05-16_0050 2014-05-16_0051 2014-05-16_0054 2014-05-16_0055 2014-05-16_0056 2014-05-16_0057 2014-05-16_0058 2014-05-16_0059 2014-05-16_0060 Tell us how you met?

“Anton and I met in Empangeni at a little sports pub, I can’t say it was love at first sight but there was definitely a connection!!  We later started chatting via Facebook, which ended up on mxit where we chatted for hours!  We then thought it would be good to meet each other again.  Six years later we got married!!!”

2014-05-16_0062 2014-05-16_0063 2014-05-16_0064 2014-05-16_0065 2014-05-16_0066 What has been one of your more memorable dates together as a couple?

“I convinced Anton to come along to a facial with me – we had an absolute jol together! For our five year anniversary we also went on amazing dinner date at the Oyster Box Hotel R800 later –  but it was all worth it!!”

2014-05-16_0067 2014-05-16_0069 2014-05-16_0070 2014-05-16_0071 2014-05-16_0072 2014-05-16_0073 2014-05-16_0074 2014-05-16_0075 What are you excited about for your future together?

“We are excited to travel now in August and even though we aren’t keen for children yet we are looking forward to starting a family together!!!!  We are excited for life together.”

2014-05-16_0068 2014-05-16_0076 2014-05-16_0077 2014-05-16_0078 2014-05-16_0079 2014-05-16_0080 2014-05-16_0081 2014-05-16_0082 2014-05-16_0083 2014-05-16_0084 2014-05-16_0085 The bridesmaids performed a rap song for their speech – it was legendary!

2014-05-16_0086 2014-05-16_0087 2014-05-16_0088 2014-05-16_0089 2014-05-16_0090 Thank you for picking us to photograph your special day – we loved spending the day with you guys!


Venue: Eagles Cry

Decor: Michelle Mann, Hire standards

Videographer: Carita neethling

Wedding Dress: Trish ollive

Makeup: Juliet downes

Cake: Mandy Nell


  1. What can I say beautiful pics stunning lighting. You always capture the day so well.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous…stunning stunning stunning!

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