Andrew and Candice

Andrew and Candice met by chance at the Oyster Box Lighthouse Bar while he was on a business trip from Australia. After meeting Candice,  Andrew quickly made plans to extend his stay and get to know Candice more – and it’s a good thing he did! The rest as they say is history <3 This lovely couple chose to come back to where it all began and where Candice had always dreamed of getting married, a simply magical venue to continue their love story.



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Tell us about your dress?

“I knew exactly what i wanted… when we became engaged I bought a bridal magazine and as I was paging through I spotted the most beautiful Maggie Sottero dress with cap sleeves! That was it! I  made an appoinment to try the dress on and bought it there and then. It was gorgeous! Lace, fitted and flared with a low back and Swarovsky crystal cap sleeves.”

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Andrew, what do you love about Candice?

“I love that Candice is an extremely caring person and puts everyone’s needs before her own.”

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Candice, what do you love about Andrew?

“I love that Andrew is very attentive and extremely motivated and confident in himself.”



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Tell us about your best date with each other so far?

“Last year for my birthday Andrew took me to Luna Park, which is a fun fair overlooking Sydney Harbour. We went on the ferris wheel at night time; it was very romantic ;)”

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Any advice to future brides?

“Be in the moment and know that you won’t be able to please everyone all the time. Remember it is your and your husband’s day so just enjoy it and don’t stress about the little things. Oh, and make sure you delegate ;)”

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