Andile and Philile

2016-09-17_0066 Andile and Philile married at the Oyster Box Hotel in a theme ‘fit for a Royal’ and nothing could be more glam than tying the knot at this idyllic seaside gem. Their wedding day was jam packed with joy, song and dance and a true celebration of their love for each other. Philile and Andile are both passionate, enthusiastic, mad about each other and just downright fun to be around! They both live in Umhlanga with their daughters Amakha and Hlelo (the sunshine in their lives). They met in 2001 in Tongaat and ended up studying at the same place. After a year of friendship and a fun first date at Steers they knew their relationship was destined for a brighter future together <3

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What do you love about Andile? {Philile} “I love the way he loves me. He’s a very caring loving person, I can talk to Andile about things I couldn’t tell my sisters, he has solutions to all my troubles.”

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Tell us about the proposal. “In August last year Andile suggested we go out for lunch (which we hardly do) – he said we should meet at the restaurant (which was also strange as we always drove in one car when we went out.) When I got there he proposed and everyone clapped. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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What do you love about Philile? {Andile} “Besides her beautiful face -I love her attitude towards life- she’s my pillar of strength – my source of inspiration. When I am with her – I can be myself, I don’t have to pretend to be someone i’m not”.

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“Best part of our wedding day – Royce rolls ride from church to oyster box – we felt like a King & Queen”.

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“We are excited about our traveling plans – family vacations with our girls and just the two of us at times.”

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