Alex and Lauren

I have been dying to blog this fantastic couples wedding!!! Today is that day – eeep!! A few really GREAT things about Alex and Lauren’s wedding: the venue – Crystal Barn is charming, eclectic and unique. Lauren’s dress – so freakin’ pretty! (and she pulled it off being 7 months pregnant – ridiculous!). The kids!!! I love weddings that incorporate kids, bring on relaxed, fun family feels! …and on that note it was super special that Lauren’s son Noah was a part of almost every aspect of the day (so many warm and fuzzy moments.) The food, the glorious food. The ceremony under a big tree. Lastly and certainly not least, the love these two share, it’s deep, it’s beautiful and it’s for the long run <3 A little about Lauren and Alex: Lauren is super mom to Noah, the best little kid on the planet, as well as a creative designer and trend forecaster, although right now she is taking a break to grow their little family. Alex is a 29 year old Frenchie who got off a plane from Hong Kong thinking he would spend two years in South Africa and instead fell under the charm of everything out here, literally.

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Behind the scenes: 

“We will never forget watching a bunch of our friends climbing trees to put up a flower garland and resetting chairs just hours before the wedding … Many of them were at the venue days before helping out with flowers and setting up with us. We honestly have the best crew! :)” 

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Lauren: “Alex is my rock. He is so calm under pressure, unwaveringly supportive of me and I love his (sometimes brutal..) honesty. “

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The dress!!! 

“Dale and Jane from McCarthy Wolff were such an amazing team to work with. I arrived armed with a Pinterest board full of reference, a growing pregnant belly and a (very) short timeline and they somehow made magic happen. I knew from the start I didn’t want to get married in white (does anyone look good in it anyway?) and wanted something a bit boho and vintage looking. Working with them was honestly the easiest and most stress-free part of the whole process, I love my dress and wish I could wear it everyday!”

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Alex: “Lauren is attentive, caring, wise and gentle. I love how passionate and thorough she can be for the things she loves. And I admire her moral values.”

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Wedding day highlights?

Alex: “Seeing Lauren walking down the aisle with a stressed out Father / Sharing every minute with all my family and friends who flew from all over the world to attend the wedding.” 

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How did you meet?

We first met in a Pub that we both werent very familiar with, at very advanced hour of a week-day night… What was starting out to be a fling from both sides eventually turned out to be a solid romance a few months later.

2016-10-15_0050 2016-10-15_0051 2016-10-15_0052

First date?
Very traditional; at a fine dining restaurant. We were both so nervous! Alex unravelled his travelling experiences in between a 3 course meal and good wine. We had led such different lives but somehow shared the same feeling on our experiences.

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Best date.
A whole dating weekend in Cape Town! We can’t say more, it’s confidential ;-)

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What you are both most looking forward to in your future together?
“The imminent arrival of our 1st child together who will be joining our happy tribe!” 

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Proposal story.
Alex: “As I was running the Nelson Mandela Marathon in Aug 15 I organised a week-end away for us in the midlands (forrest house in the Dargle). I planned to propose on friday night after dinner but could only find courage and proposed with the help of Noah in bed on Saturday morning with our traditional morning coffee.” 

Lauren: “In hindsight the amount of Champagne we packed into the car should have been a dead give away, but you learn to expect these things living with a Frenchman. I love that it was a private proposal and that Alex involved Noah, it was such a personal, beautiful moment.”

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Wedding Highlights.

Lauren: “Watching Noah take over the dance floor like Fred Astaire! And of course our vows which were so personal & powerful.”

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Dress: McCarthy Wolff
Make up & Hair- Charelle McAllister
Cakes: Taryn Smith, Smiths Bake Shop
Decor: Kim Roberts, Crystal & Vine
Flowers: Lauren Taylor
Food: Crystal Barn
Second shooter: Julie Smith-Belton


  1. Kathryn Smith says:

    As always stunning pics Lex.
    The dress was simply beautiful.
    Wonderful moments captured brilliantly.

  2. Kathy de Vos says:

    STUNNING , It was a beautiful day, beautiful venue , beautiful bride and groom, these photos are awesome and captured the day perfectly.

  3. Mari Beukes says:

    Most beautiful pictures,wedding and brides dress is stunning!

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