van Rensburg Family

It was so lovely to hang out with Taryn and her boys again.  I can’t believe how much they have all grown – where does the time go!? We also got to meet cutie pie little Hudson who was still snug inside Taryn’s tummy at the last shoot. Taryn’s mom and sister-in- law and sweet baby Tom also joined in for a few pics. You guys are fun!! Lastly, Rus who was man down with suspected tick bite fever – still managed to put on his happy face and joined in most of photo’s, amazing!!


2015-08-24_0001 2015-08-24_0002 2015-08-24_0003 2015-08-24_0004 2015-08-24_0005 2015-08-24_0006 2015-08-24_0007

2015-08-24_0008 2015-08-24_0009 2015-08-24_0010 2015-08-24_0011 2015-08-24_0012 2015-08-24_0016 2015-08-24_0017 2015-08-24_0018 2015-08-24_0019 2015-08-24_0020 2015-08-24_0021 2015-08-24_0022


  1. Beautiful pics of a beautiful family.

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