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Ok so I was warned about Luke’s cuteness and charm before this session and I thought, “Really? That cute?”  It seems yes… ‘that cute’!! I mean just get a load of this little guy.  He’s convinced his parents too (with very little effort I might add). ♥

Blog_02 Blog_01 Blog_03 Blog_04 Blog_05 Blog_06 (Above) Luke the teddy bear….. (below) Luke the teddy bear gangsta.

Blog_07 Blog_08 Blog_09 Blog_10 Blog_11 Blog_12 Blog_13 Blog_14 Luke the ‘smile king’ – absolutely adorable!!

Blog_15 Blog_16 Blog_17

A special thanks to my amazing sister for all her help and crazy – amazing organizing as well as my second shooter on the day Christl, you guys are awesome. Thanks also to the staff at Rosemary Hill for being so accommodating.  Rosemaryhill has a great coffee shop and is also a bit of a biking meca.  Lastly if you want to know where to get one of those cute Teepee’s –  my very talented friend Erin makes them – drop me a mail and I will send you her details.


  1. Christl Watt says:

    Ah man, these are so great. He was so easy to work with, wasn’t he? Smiled all the time and LOVES your sister (that was pretty evident!!). Love your work, Amazing Lady!

    • Sarah Marcus says:

      Ah thanks so much Alexis we had so much fun!!You are just wonderful at what you do!Thanks too to Christl and Kirst you rock as always!!

  2. Lara James says:

    What an awesome kid! Stoked! Freaking awesome family too!!

  3. How cute is this little guy.
    Beautiful photos as usual.

  4. Thanks so much for all the comments ♥

  5. Kirsten says:

    This kid….what a little rock star :) Stunning pictures, Awesome family….Happiness :)

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