Lincoln Moore

Jax and Dean are not only friends of ours but also our landlords (actually РI am pretty sure they are the coolest landlords that ever existed!). They were also due around the same time as us!? Must be something in the water right!!? 2014-10-17_0001

Ah man! Look at this little cutie!!! I think we did his shoot at around 4 days old – this champ was uber chilled and slept most of the time, what a little legend!

2014-10-17_0002 2014-10-17_0003 2014-10-17_0004 2014-10-17_0005



This is the whole family – these fur babies are besotted with their new addition (its so cute!)

2014-10-17_0007 2014-10-17_0008 2014-10-17_0009 2014-10-17_0010


2014-10-17_0011 2014-10-17_0012 2014-10-17_0015 2014-10-17_0016 2014-10-17_0017


  1. Beautiful pics as usual. What a cutie pie.

  2. Thanks Lex, the pics are phenomenal. You really did a great job.

    And you are the best tenants by far ;)

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