Jonah Lex Maber

I love this family! In fact anyone who know’s them probably feels exactly the same – They are just super special human’s who bring joy and life with them wherever they go – they love unconditionally and are just rare and beautiful treasures we feel privileged to call friends. I hung out with them a while back and snapped a few pics of their precious Jonah Lex Maber –┬ásuch a little dream boat!!!!
2014-10-16_0001 2014-10-16_0004 2014-10-16_0009

2014-10-16_0011 2014-10-16_0012

2014-10-16_0016 2014-10-16_0017 2014-10-16_0003 2014-10-16_0008 2014-10-16_0013 2014-10-16_0014

2014-10-16_0002 2014-10-16_0007 2014-10-16_0010 2014-10-16_0015 2014-10-16_0018


  1. AMAZING! you captured all of them so perfectly!

  2. Wow lex great job beautiful and natural and Sam I can’t believe how amazing u looking babe’s motherhood clearly suits u xx Big loves to u all xx

  3. Such a gorgeous family beautiful pics!

  4. Thanks Lexi…Love the pics! ; )

  5. Thanks Lexi for documenting such sweet memories of us with our little treasure.
    we love the pics, and we love you. xx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!

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