Hilliar family

Bridgie is just about the sweetest and most lovely lady you will ever meet, your heart feels richer for knowing her and I am glad our paths crossed in this beautiful life.  This is her amazing little family.  They are awesome.

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  1. Christl Watt says:

    Well, what can I say?? Beautiful girls and a an equally beautiful friend in Bridgie… AND then they made the SUPERB choice of having a photoshoot with Alexis Diack!!!!! Stunning, stunning pics again, dear lady! Love!! :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Lexi! Miss u u, has been so long since Clive+ I saw u both! Keep up the awesome work! Much love+ big hug. Libbz

  3. Cindy Jones says:

    honestly?- this is maybe one of the most beautiful things that i have seen. ever xx

  4. Lisa King says:

    So gorgeous Lex – timeless treasures of some of my most favourite people xx

  5. Thanks so much ladies! Loved this session ♥

  6. Stunning pics, and just so beautifully captured! :)

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