Dufour family

Meet Lauren, Yannick and cutest ever small human Finn.  We got to hang out with this cool family to capture a few maternity images of Lauren before the new arrival.  Finn was amazing during the shoot and I just know he is going to make the best big brother!

2014-01-21_0038 2014-01-21_0039 2014-01-21_0040

This is Finn being ridiculously adorable again, he can’t help it, he’s cool like that.

2014-01-21_0041 2014-01-21_0042 2014-01-21_0043 2014-01-21_0044 2014-01-21_0045 2014-01-21_0046 2014-01-21_0047 2014-01-21_0048 2014-01-21_0049 2014-01-21_0050 2014-01-21_0051


  1. Lovely pics Lex.

  2. Awesome pics

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