Dani Meyer

I got to meet sweet little Dani Meyer recently, her family are smitten and she has the best big brother in the world.  Welcome to the world little one! It was such a treat to meet you.

2014-03-13_0001 2014-03-13_0002 2014-03-13_0003 2014-03-13_0004 2014-03-13_0005 2014-03-13_0006 2014-03-13_0007 2014-03-13_0008 2014-03-13_0009 2014-03-13_0010 2014-03-13_0011 2014-03-13_0012 2014-03-13_0013 2014-03-13_0014 2014-03-13_0015 2014-03-13_0016 2014-03-13_0017 2014-03-13_0018 2014-03-13_0019 2014-03-13_0020 2014-03-13_0021 2014-03-13_0022 2014-03-13_0023 2014-03-13_0024


  1. Christl Watt says:

    Aw Lex, these are so tender. Really beautiful!! Love!

  2. The little toes are my absolute best! X

  3. Love the pics of the siblings together.
    Really gorgeous photos!

  4. Magda Dicks says:

    Alexis, these photo’s of my grandchildren are so so special! Beautiful photo’s of a beautiful special family! Thank you very much!!!!!!

  5. Jenny & Alan says:

    Chris & Marcel you must be so proud, your children are absolutely beautiful……….. And so are you!!! Stunning pics!!!!

  6. Compliments to the photographer – although you had excellent “props” to work with – amazing pic’s indeed!!!!

    A family anyone could only dream of and grandparents to “die” for.

    Well done – We wish you all the very best for the future.

  7. Gorgeous!!! These pics are incredible and loving.

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