Crawford Twins

Ah man, just wait until you see these two cuties Рseriously is there anything more adorable right now!? I think not!  Meet Lola and Olivia.

2013-10-15_0012 2013-10-15_0013 2013-10-15_0014 2013-10-15_0015 2013-10-15_0016 2013-10-15_0017

Ok can we just take a second to look at these skin rolls!!! How badly do you want to give them a squeeze!? I know right!?

2013-10-15_0018 2013-10-15_0019 2013-10-15_0020 2013-10-15_0021 2013-10-15_0022 2013-10-15_0023 2013-10-15_0005 2013-10-15_0007

2013-10-15_0011 2013-10-15_0001 2013-10-15_0009 2013-10-15_0002 2013-10-15_0006 2013-10-15_0003 2013-10-15_0008 2013-10-15_0010 2013-10-15_0004 If you love the tent – get in touch with my talented friend Erin at ‘made with love’ ¬†


  1. Corrine Ramdhani says:

    Beautifully captured the essence of this very beautiful family.

  2. Lynette and Des Robb says:

    So gorgeous – just wish we could cuddle them! Beautiful pics and beautiful parents too!

  3. Christl Watt says:

    Ok, so how CUTE are the curled toes of one of the twins in the shot where we only see mom and dad’s feet and legs? That’s right – go back and look, ‘cos you missed it first time around…. ! Seriously! I had such a giggle – just too adorable for words!!! And that TEEPEE?!!? Stunning, stunning, stunning as always, Oh Guru-One ;) What a blessing you are to your clients!! (PS> I can also do that with MY toes…. AND wave with them while my big toe stays still… true story!! ;) )

  4. Carla henriques says:

    Hello, i from Portugal, and joselle crawford is my cousin, and i love the twins and the Photos are beautiful, sorry about my write, big kiss.

  5. This is Adorable, twins….ooh i want a pair! Such a gorgeous looking family and Lex, wow wow wow…these pictures are incredible. xx

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