Jethro Calvin George Dickson

"The shortest verse in the bible is 'Jesus wept.' In times of sadness it is often hard to find the right words -  there's a reason it is the shortest scripture." - Christian Mulol Lynnal and Phil celebrated the life of their baby Jethro last night (at his memorial). He was born sleeping and went … [Read more...]

My maternity journey in pictures, nesting and make-overs

So after some traveling and being married for nearly a decade, Ray and I got to thinking.... it's time for the next adventure...'s baby time! I met this guy for the first time on 6th August 1999 at a Counting Crows concert - we were jostling over the last t-shirt for sale at the … [Read more...]

Euro 2013 – Part II

Here's what we got up to after Switzerland.  We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Italy and France.  This is a little overview, a bit of bike riding, ice-cream eating (ok a lot) and much sightseeing.  First stop Como. My sister and her hubby ♥ Then onto Verona (this was a favourite for … [Read more...]

Switzerland – Winter wonderland

Switzerland is a true beauty and looks equally amazing in both Winter and Summer time.  I honestly can't say which season I prefer, they both have their own unique magic and charm. There were so many highlights on this trip: Visiting family, learning to snowboard, tobogganing, cheese fondue , … [Read more...]

Instagram – Euro 2013

Switzerland, Italy and France. 3 weeks of crazy fun: snowboarding,  gelato eating, carnival dress up, snow driving, sight seeing, outdoor ice skating and tobogganing to mention a few highlights.   Here is my instagram overview. … [Read more...]


5 years ago today, on a Saturday while I was shooting a wedding, my dad left us to be with Jesus. Today my family and I will once again think about that day, shedding a little more of the pain with each year. We are now reminded instead of the good and fun life we were privileged to have shared with … [Read more...]

Switzerland part 2

Switzerland in summer time: the land of cheese, chocolate and churches where one town seamlessly merges into the next.  A place with colourful flower ordained window boxes and postcard perfect scenery.  The country incorporates everything from modern cities to ancient villages, pristine lakes and … [Read more...]

My Swiss Family part 1

Unfortunately I couldn't  make it over for my cousin's wedding, so when we were Skyping one day and Sam asked me to be godmother to her soon to be born baby Brian, I just knew I had to get over there!  Within a week we managed to organize the visa and flight and I was on my way!  I spent part of my … [Read more...]

Why I love the bush.

We were recently blessed with a 2 night stay at the incredible Phinda Mountain Lodge in Zululand. Phinda is the epitome of bush luxury and the staff honestly go out of their way to make you feel like royalty.   Time seems to go slower in the bush and 2 nights felt like a week.  We were also … [Read more...]

Rhino love

In 2011, 448 rhino's were poached for their horns.  By the 20th of March 2012, 135 rhino have already been killed by poachers for their horns.  At this rate the rhino will be extinct in less than 10 years. During a recent work trip up to Zululand we had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful, … [Read more...]