About Me


Hi! Welcome to my website.  Thanks for stopping in – this is my hubby Ray and I.


Photo credit: Samantha Maber

My friends call me Lex, I am a bit of a tomboy/health nut/conspiracy theorist and I love being in nature.  I married my best friend and high school sweetheart in 2005, we love traveling together but home is definitely where the heart is for us. We adore South Africa – it’s endless sunshine and big blue skies and it’s warm, tenacious people.  We love our father God in heaven and his son Jesus who give us purpose and joy. Other loves (and not in any particular order) – hiking in remote and wildly beautiful places, family and friends, my iPhone, prime lenses, relaxed and in-love bride and grooms, yoga, good hair days (seriously I have wild frizzy hair – they are few and far between), the father-daughter dance at weddings, happy people and adventures!


My love for photography started in 2000.  I think my dad’s enthusiasm for taking pictures rubbed off on me at a young age.  I studied photography back in the magical days of film and darkrooms.  There was something truly special about watching an image  appearing from nowhere on the paper as the chemicals did their work.

So that’s a bit about me – I would love to hear about you! Drop me an email and tell me your story :)