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Dan and Cait

How did you both meet each other? Cait - We've actually known each other for quite a while now. Daniel is part of a circle of friends that my brother made during High School. My brother used to bring them over to our house after school and I would make them lunch. I can't remember the exact day I … [Read more...]

Balcomb family

I photographed Mish and Shane's lovely wedding some time ago - only to meet up a few years down the track in an ante natal class with both Mish and I due around the same time with our first babies!! It was wonderful to catch up again this year and watch your beautiful Sienna blossom  - here is to … [Read more...]

Eli Martin

I have known Lauren since school days - she's always been quick to laugh and loads of fun to be around. She also has a softer side and is incredibly compassionate and kind - Lol's you are a gem and it was great to catch up again. Lol's found her match in Stevo who's easy - fun- loving nature makes … [Read more...]

Warren and Sheryl

The lovely Warren and Sheryl tied the knot at the beautiful country venue Providence recently in the KZN Midlands. It was a privilege to be a part of such a special day filled with so much love and joy and I know your little family are going to have the best adventure together in this next season. … [Read more...]

Layla-May Engelbrecht

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful hair!!! I am finished! Have you ever!?  Layla you are so adorable and I have a feeling you are just going to get cuter and cuter <3 At a month of age - your little personality is already shining through - it was a treat to meet you … [Read more...]

Max Muir

I recently got to meet a very special little guy Max Muir, super cute, super alert and gorgeous - Nix and Paul I have a feeling this little man is going to keep you on your toes. It was so lovely to hang out with you guys for a bit - you are both such naturals. … [Read more...]

Kingsley Symcox newborn session

 Something Rus said during this session really struck a cord 'Babies bring new hope and a restored faith in the world and humanity' the night before Kingsley arrived, Rus was worrying about bringing a baby into this world with all its problems and depravity, however when Kingsley arrived -  he … [Read more...]

Pollas and Anke

Pollas and Anke are the most wonderful down-to-earth couple who are just made to be together <3 They did't want much fuss or fanfare for their wedding - instead it was a day to celebrate love and togetherness, good food and great wine with family and loved ones.  They chose the oh so charming … [Read more...]

Badenhorst family

I first met Cath and Casper for Cath's maternity session and then met up again to photography their precious newborn Ethan Reece. Fast forward a couple of years and it was time for another family session.  Ethan is growing into a lovely little guy who is spunky and fun and has the best smile! It's … [Read more...]

Lisa Maternity

I first met Lisa and Christo at a wedding where they were bridesmaid and groomsman.  They could't be more friendly or helpful on the wedding day and did everything they could to make the day run smoothly for the bride and groom -  they made such an impression.  I was thrilled to hear there was a … [Read more...]