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My maternity journey in pictures, nesting and make-overs

So after some traveling and being married for nearly a decade, Ray and I got to thinking.... it's time for the next adventure...'s baby time! I met this guy for the first time on 6th August 1999 at a Counting Crows concert - we were jostling over the last t-shirt for sale at the … [Read more...]

Lincoln Moore

Jax and Dean are not only friends of ours but also our landlords (actually - I am pretty sure they are the coolest landlords that ever existed!). They were also due around the same time as us!? Must be something in the water right!!? Ah man! Look at this little cutie!!! I think we did his shoot at … [Read more...]

Jonah Lex Maber

I love this family! In fact anyone who know's them probably feels exactly the same - They are just super special human's who bring joy and life with them wherever they go - they love unconditionally and are just rare and beautiful treasures we feel privileged to call friends. I hung out with them a … [Read more...]

Anton and Melanie

Ok so these guys are super special friends and generally just wonderful humans! We feel so blessed to have shared so much of their day with them and what an epic day it was! Friends we are so happy you found each other and get to share this beautiful life together. We think you are the bees knees … [Read more...]