Archives for October 2013

Nortje Family

Inge - 10 months and cute as can be - loves her early mornings!  I met up with the Nortje family at sunrise (quickly becoming my favourite time) to capture a few moments from their first family holiday together. … [Read more...]

Crawford Twins

Ah man, just wait until you see these two cuties - seriously is there anything more adorable right now!? I think not!  Meet Lola and Olivia. Ok can we just take a second to look at these skin rolls!!! How badly do you want to give them a squeeze!? I know right!? If you love … [Read more...]

Keenan and Melissa e-session

Melissa moved to South Africa, from California, after visiting 15 times (in 11 years). She fell in love with the bush when she was a young girl and then fell in love with her bush-loving fiancé later. Keenan and Melissa have had a pretty exciting life together so far - I could listen to their … [Read more...]

London Raphael Veltman

I got to hang out with this gorgeous young man and his good looking parents not so long ago.  He was only a week old and just the sweetest thing! I absolutely loved his little sailing-themed outfits -  so cute! … [Read more...]