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Tanya and Leah

We ended off a busy and super fun day of family sessions in Joburg with the cutest 'mother-daughter' duo.  Meet Tanya and her gorgeous little Leah. What!? How beautiful are you right now Leah!? Granny even popped in for a shot or two.  Leah loves her granny. Treasure hunting in the teepee... … [Read more...]

Marcus Family

Ok so I was warned about Luke's cuteness and charm before this session and I thought, "Really? That cute?"  It seems yes... 'that cute'!! I mean just get a load of this little guy.  He's convinced his parents too (with very little effort I might add). ♥ (Above) Luke the teddy bear..... (below) … [Read more...]

Scott Family

Warning: Serious cuteness ahead. Meet Khanyisa. Lovely family this.  I wish I had one of these when I was small!! Fun!!! Khanyisa looking cool, doing her thing... oh you know, it's how she rolls. ....and just when you think she can't get any cuter, she pulls a peek-a-boo out the … [Read more...]

Nel Family

Meet Eli, Marilyn and baby Robyn.  Such a lovely little family. Robyn is only 5 months old!! What a cutie pie!! Nothing like mommy cuddles. Lots of laughing in this family.... ...and lots of love. A special thanks again to my amazing sister for all her help and crazy- amazing organizing … [Read more...]

Pillay Family

We started off our Jozi sessions with this sweet little family. How gorgeous is this little princess!? Granny and Aunty even made it into one or two shots! Thanks to my darling sister for all her amazing assistance and wild organizational skills on these sessions. I couldn't have done it … [Read more...]

Baxter Family

Cole and Max were tiny tots last time we did a Baxter family session, and it was awesome to get together again and see how they have grown!  Cool, busy and fun  - these kiddo's kept me running.  Great family and super lovely 'golden-winter-light' session. … [Read more...]

Jesse 6 months

So 6 months is one of my favourite ages for little ones!! I love all the different expressions, especially the smiles, I love the curiosity at this age and just their general cuddliness. Jesse was no exception. What a little cutie pie!!! … [Read more...]

Chernell and Ash

 Chernell and Ash approached me a while ago to look at creating a few images for Chernell's new cd. Chernell is a talented lady who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and was an absolute dream to work with.  We had a lovely afternoon together and even managed to squeeze in a few … [Read more...]

Hilliar family

Bridgie is just about the sweetest and most lovely lady you will ever meet, your heart feels richer for knowing her and I am glad our paths crossed in this beautiful life.  This is her amazing little family.  They are awesome. … [Read more...]

Lauren Maternity

A few sneak peeks of Lauren's cute baby bump, oh this is going to be one very loved little baby, you guys are awesome ♥ … [Read more...]