Archives for November 2012

Gary and Fiona

 Gary and Fiona are delightful together. They share a kind love for each other that radiates into all their relationships.  They got married at Granny Mouse surrounded by their nearest and dearest.  This was a small wedding with a whole lot of heart ♥ Fact: I love the midlands ♥ … [Read more...]

Marco and Joanna

Not even rain could dampen the mood on Joanna and Marco's special day. They celebrated their love for each other surrounded by their friends and family at the lovely Netherwood ♥ Wishing you both all the very best for your future together. The guys got ready at Fordoun across the road from … [Read more...]

Tim and Juliet

Meet Juliet and Tim.  Wild.  Crazy.  Free.  Their love is large, generous and unreserved.  It was an absolute treat working with them ♥  My hubby remarked at one point that Julz has enough personality for 5 people, she really is that awesome!  Just look at these guys ♥ Their wedding was held at the … [Read more...]