Archives for November 2011

Matthew and Bronwyn e-session

Matt and Bron are an awesome couple and also our very special friends.  It was a treat to photograph them for their engagement session.  I loved how Bron's styling linked in so beautifully with the Oyster Box decor.  You guys are gorgeous together. … [Read more...]

Giulio and Angela

Jules and Angela got married at the beautiful Providence in the Midlands.  It was an easy and beautiful day and almost didn't feel like work. This is their love story: "Jules and I met through work in 2006.  He was in post production and I worked in an agency.  One day while working together, we … [Read more...]

Andrew and Caitlin e-session

These two are just the 'nicest-salt-of-the-earth' kind of couple and it was lovely spending a chilled afternoon with them on their farm. This is from Caitlin on how Andrew proposed: "Andrew woke me up at 6am on Sunday 29th May and asked me to come with him to our soon-to-be new farm home.  I wasn't … [Read more...]

Denash and Lisa

It was a pleasure chatting to Denash and Lisa in the build up to their wedding as they are both so lovely and easy-going :)  Their day was fuss-free and beautiful.  They are also probably the most punctual couple I have ever met (extra bonus points!!!)  Wishing you guys all best for your future … [Read more...]

Nic and Meggyn

Some weddings are special, not because of the details, the venue or even the dress (although all those things were there).  They are special because if you had to take away all the frills and fanfare, you would have a girl standing in front of a boy, both hearts filled with love and overflowing with … [Read more...]