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Robert’s Maternity on location

Laura and Terrence were awesome to work with and super chilled throughout the shoot, they are going to make pretty epic parents and I can't wait to meet their little one :) … [Read more...]

iheart my iPhone

I have never been one for fancy phones, but since owning the iPhone my outlook has changed.  I just love the camera and it's nice to know I can still get a half decent pic even if I don't have my SLR handy.  The photo effects are super easy and can make pretty ordinary photo's a little more edgy and … [Read more...]

A new look for John Dory

I absolutely love Sphere Designs architectural make overs and John Dory was no exception!  Bright colours and bold lines define this space and the design is strong and fresh. … [Read more...]

Claytin & Kirsten

Joburg is a big place and it helps to know where you are going - I admit I was relying solely on my directional instincts (bad idea) to kick in from the the last visit, and they did... after we missed the all important turn haha.  After some time meandering around Hillbrow we managed to find our way … [Read more...]

The Meyer family

I went to school with Sandy and met her hubby Peter for the first time through mutual friends on a camping trip.  These two are so well suited and brilliant parents to gorgeous blue-eyed Hannah.  What a lovely family  ♥♥ Ok how stunning are these eyes!! … [Read more...]

Newborn’s are amazing ♥

Here are a couple of the sweetest little babes from a while back, I especially love the little guy with all the hair. ♥ … [Read more...]

An iconic Art Deco building in Durban

I love the art deco buildings in Durban and a little while ago I got to do a shoot for Sphere architects who had designed some of the interiors for The Palace on marine parade.  I love finding new treasures like this in Durban!  Enjoy ♥ … [Read more...]

A few cute kids

This year has been one of those crazy busy years and It has been a challenge to balance my shoots with the many hours of editing each one produces.  I am always chasing the next deadline and blogging inevitably takes a back seat.  So I am going to try (at least for a little while) to up my game and … [Read more...]

Adult ballet

With my experience of ballet being limited to 1 class when I was 5 and completely not getting it (I took up horse riding instead) photographing the Durban Adult Ballet Class turned out to be a true education!  These guys are totally hardcore and probably some of the strongest people you will ever … [Read more...]

James and Penny

James and Penny's ceremony was held at a Catholic church in Pinetown.  I was given very strict instructions by the priest as soon as we arrived to remain in one spot and not move at all - (I think maybe he had had his share of 'in-your-face photographers').  So you do what you can... and while he … [Read more...]